About us


In high school, I was always that kid that struggled with acne. Every day people would look at me like I was a monster. I don't how much you can relate to this, haha.
But my self-esteem took a hit so it was hard just being confident in really anything that required social interaction. Dating was nearly impossible. I found my job as a sales associate to be difficult when interacting with customers because I felt embarrassed all the time. Even if people just ignored it, I couldn't because it was physically painful and so I had a constant reminder that my face was covered with acne.
I find what people don't understand is that it isn't always as simple as "wash your face" and it isn't only a teenage problem. I was finally put on Accutane. I was once talking about my experience with Accutane and my brother-in-law just blurted out, "Why didn't you just wash your face more? I would never have gone on medication like that if I could just clean myself. I got tired of everything...
But then I started doing research. I found myself reading everything about acne. I was obsessed about every new study and I would test what worked and what didn't. And I started seeing results... 
And no it's wasn't the Accutane that was doing the job. It was the hours and on end, that helped me get rid of my acne. So one morning I was sitting in the kitchen with my green tea (I love green tea) and I got this idea. I wanted to share my knowledge. I thought since the research helped me I could as well share what I know with other people. And that's how the whole idea for Metivia got started. 
Today, Metivia has 5 dedicated people working hard to making posts. We are based in Denmark and are always looking for new research to help our community. 
I hope you enjoyed this small story as much as I enjoyed writing it, 
Josef Lahlou,
Founder of Metivia